The Quest to Save Humanity

Joseph Thomas Noriega Photography

“Humanity can be termed as a topic which describes the abilities, lifestyles and characterstics of human beings in whole.” (The Human, 2006). This so called “human beings in whole” is contradicting to our status today. Nowadays, people are grouped from the people living in wealth to the people living in poverty. In order for us to save humanity, we must prioritize these less fortunate people living in poverty. We must help change their lives by finding ways to help them survive.

All of us, whether wealthy or poor, have the same necessities. As humans, we need food, shelter, security, health, water, and air. But unfortunately, these necessities of ours are rapidly and increasingly under threat. (Bartolini, 2010)

As for the people living in poverty, they seldom get these necessities. Poor people strive hard to get food and water. They don’t have a permanent home to live-in during unstable weather conditions and to protect themselves. They are exposed to all the pollutions in the environment which will result to acquiring all kinds of diseases.

There are many causes why Humanity is in Trial. According to Anup Shah: “Almost half of the world live on less than $2.50 a day or approximately 105 pesos. 1 billion children live in poverty (1 in 2 children in the world). 640 million live without adequate shelter, 400 million have no access to safe water, 270 million have no access to health services. 10.6 million died in 2003 before they reached the age of 5 (or roughly 29,000 children per day).” Overpopulation is also one of the causes.

To tell you the truth,  I feel lucky at the same time sad about what is happening to humanity today. I feel lucky because I believe that all of the necessities that a person needs are well-addressed by my parents. On the other hand, I feel sad because of the fact that many people are having a hard time having these things.

How can we save Humanity? All of us in our own simple ways can help in the quest for saving humanity. In terms of the environment, we must simply contribute in keeping it clean. Always remember: a clean environment means less risk of becoming sick. At home, I make sure that there no wastes or garbage are in our front yard. In this way, we are assured that there are less chances of us getting sick. Save the Earth, Save Humanity. In terms of helping the poor, we must give them money to help them buy food or if possible, give them food instead. I do these things every time I commute my way to school. I feel pitiful for them most especially the younger children for they have no chance of having a good life.

Also, in order for humanity to be saved, we must have excellent leaders who will do something about this arising problem of our world. Leaders who will prioritize these less fortunate people in having a good life. I suggest that they must recruit more volunteers that will help the poor in abandoned areas. They need help in terms of health needs, accommodation and food.

If these needs would be greatly herd and be acted upon, Humanity will be saved!


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