A Trip into the Life of Marc Francis Say

Marc Francis Quidato Say

Marc Francis Quidato Say

Marc Francis Quidato Say was born inManilaon February 26, 1994. He was raised by his parents namely Francisca Q. Say and Marcreo C. Say. Together with him are his 3 siblings; he being the eldest. Two of them are boys and the other one is a girl. Residing in a simple house inSan JuanCity, Metro Manila, their family lived a simple lifestyle. They buy only the things that they need but seldom get what they want.


He spent his pre-nursery years in Morning Glory school then transferred toJubileeChristianAcademyfor his primary and secondary education. During high school, he acquires plenty of good experiences. Some of them include learning to play the guitar when he was in 2nd year and then playing in the high school band during their Graduation Ball. He went out and watched movies with close friends and even had a close relationship with a classmate. He learned to deal with the problems of high school life both curricular and personal. These are just some of the experiences that molded Marc into the good person that he is.


Like everyone else, he has likes and dislikes. Marc likes people who are of good influence to others. He prefers people who manifest Christ-like attitudes and people who are cheerful. He would go with people who are understanding and easy to approach. However, Marc dislikes people who are irresponsible, lazy, impatient, arrogant and judgmental.


Marc is a well-rounded person. Aside from his studies he also has hobbies to fill-in his free time. His hobbies include playing badminton and the guitar, watching television, surfing the internet, and learning martial arts. During his spare time he loves reading Manga Comics, listening to music and chatting with his friends.


Today, being a college student studying in De La Salle University, he continues to try his best to accomplish his goals. As a BS ECE student, his goal is to be able to graduate and finish the course without delays and failing marks. Also, in terms of social status, his goal is to find real friends who will help him and remain his friends forever. He wants friends who will not influence him in a negative way but rather one who will help him in his over-all improvement. After graduating from college, his goal is to find a good job and be able to balance his time between work and family. Even when he reaches the peak of his career, Marc wants to raise his family much like the way his parents raised them. He believes that through living a simple life one has more time to be of service to God and to others.

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