The Blood Of A True Filipino

As the years have passed, Filipinos have made their name on many aspects whether it is sports, music, religion, contests, arts and others. Filipinos are also known for the many good values that they show like humility and hospitality. These positive things that a Filipino is described to makes me proud to be one.

I see myself as a Filipino who is studying hard in order to serve his country well in the future. At home, I see myself as a Filipino when I say “po” and “opo” to my parents and relatives. At school, I see myself as a Filipino when I help my needy classmates and friends. On the streets, I see myself as a Filipino when I obey the laws of the road and when I give alms to beggars. In the church, I see myself as a Filipino when I join in celebrating all the traditions and practices. All my experiences help me build my character. Because of this, I believe that nobody can do these practices, values, and traditions better than a true-blooded Filipino.

In general, I see all Filipinos as people with full of love and concern for the country. Filipinos show love to everyone simply by keeping a big smile no matter what happens during the day. They never let problems overshadow the joy and laughter the day gives them. Whether they are rich or poor, sick or normal, the love remains unconditional.

With regards to the problems that the country is facing right now, I truly believe that there is still hope waiting to gush forth regardless of the persistent problems that are plaguing the country. I believe that the next generation of leaders would surely raise up the honor and glory of our country. Also, poverty would be lessened and corruption would be stopped.

I feel proud to be a Filipino. What makes me proud to be one is that I am able to have the time of my life and enjoy every minute God gives me. During my 17 years of existence, I had many happy moments both personally and socially. On the other hand, I had many sad moments too. Nonetheless, I still feel proud to be one because these problems helped me become the person that I am right now.

As a Lasallian achiever for God and country, I can contribute to nation building by being an example to the society in terms of believing in God, following the law and being the best that I can be in my future profession. Also, I must always remember to be humble and content with what I have because these are precious blessing from God.

One way to inspire and touch the lives of Filipinos is by doing extraordinary duties and avoiding sin. In high school, when I was studying in Don Bosco, I learned many quotes of St. John Bosco. Two of which are the most famous ones. The first one is that we must do our ordinary duties extraordinarily well and the other is that we can run, jump, shout and play but not sin. Following his teachings can help inspire and touch lives of Filipinos and to have a better future.

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